A Schwinn Jogging Stroller and Your Fitness

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If you recently had given birth to your first born but want to bring back your normal body shape, then you may use a jogging stroller. It’s a good option among mothers who want to lose weight after birth, but choosing your first jogger may be a daunting task. Let’s discuss the basics first.

What Is a Jogging Stroller?
It’s conceptualized, designed and made for easier baby transport. You could just imagine how disadvantageous it would be to carry your baby in your arms all the time. This wheeled baby transport system helps you carry him around conveniently and quickly. It can support babies up to three years of age. For parents, who are always on the go, they find using a stroller very helpful, as they can take it anywhere without any hassles. With it, they can go to the malls, parks and groceries with comfort and style. Using a stroller or a jogger, they can feel secure, as they can always look over their kid while doing their stuff.

There are innovative and trendsetting companies as the Schwinn has revolutionized how strollers should be and one of their bestsellers is the Schwinn jogging stroller. It can be used by modern parents who are proactive and trendy. It allows them to use the stroller for fitness purposes and so comes the joggers. These are perfect for parents especially women who had just given birth and want to bring back their normal shape through jogging or running.

A jogger is especially designed for the physically conscious individual who wants to stay fit while providing only the best for her baby. It comes with convenient and safety features that allow mothers to keep up with their exercise. It’s easy to use and comfortable, too.

A single jogger is made tough to keep up with pressure and tough terrains, as many of these are made with sturdy but lightweight aluminum materials for easier carrying and transporting. If you would buy one, you can also take advantage of a rubber grip handle that allows easier hand gripping without the tendency of slipping. It can also be made with thick tires that can provide your baby a smoother ride and you a long lasting stroller that maximizes spending. It can also come with a spring suspension that can work on rough surfaces.  Next thing you should study well is how to use the jogging stroller when running and that leads us to the succeeding section.

Tips When Using the Schwinn Jogging Stroller for a Better Run

  1. Adjust the handle’s height for you. Avoid handling the jogger at arms length and putting weight onto the stroller’s handlebar. Best tip: Always have your elbows bent while keeping the jogger closer to you. Make sure that you’re keeping the same position throughout the session.
  2. Feel at ease running with a jogger. Although you may find it hard to using the jogger when running, you will learn how to adjust in time. Take it easy and give yourself some time to get used to performing this routine with your baby. Stay motivated and you’ll be fine as working running can help you get back into shape sooner or later.
  3. Run normally with toes forward. If you are going up the hills with your jogger, see to it that you run while your toes are forward. Always keep your feet pushing off and do not be scared taking the hill easily.
  4. Take some small toys. Don’t let your baby feel bored while you’re jogging by bringing toys that can keep him busy.
  5. Don’t forget to take snacks with you. Bring some bananas, crackers and other treats that you and your baby can enjoy. Be sure that treats you give your baby will not choke him.
  6. Bring some water. Jogging strollers usually come with sippy cups that you can take advantage of while strolling with baby.
  7. If baby wants to stop along the way, you can tell him that you can do that on your way back. Alternatively, you can stop and let baby play. While you at a stop, you can perform other exercises such as pushups and jumping jacks.
  8. Don’t run with the jogger if your baby is too young, usually if he’s only less than six months especially if you’re not using the one that comes with a carseat, as your baby’s head will get bounced around excessively.
  9. Keep your baby safe from any elements. Your baby won’t warm up as you do, as he’s not running. During a cold weather, be sure to use the weather shield. On the other hand, you should not overdress baby and use the stroller’s canopy when the weather is hot. Don’t do long runs during cold and hot days.
  10. Check the front wheels. Make sure that that you lock the front wheel before running to avoid any sudden fall or crash for turning suddenly.
  11. Don’t run unless you check if your baby is safe with full harness. It will protect your child from being shaken or from falling out.
  12. Pack everything you need. Joggers usually come with a large basket, a place where you can put wipes, diapers and water, among others. It will also help you avoid your baby’s fingers from being caught in the wheels of stroller.
  13. Do not run hands-free as well as do not be tempted to push the jogger and then let it go.
  14. Avoid jogging or running close to cars and places open to traffic.  Think of running only in bike paths and parks.
  15. You can schedule your jogs ahead.

Want to Run With Baby Safely?
Use the Schwinn Turismo Swivel Single Jogger that is especially designed and made to suit your active lifestyle.  It has all the durable and safety features that allow you to use it easily when jogging with baby. It is made to provide utmost comfort for baby and has an under seat basket. It also has the adjustable safety features with its rear pedals and front wheel lock system. The Schwinn Turismo Swivel Single Jogger also has the rubber grip handle that avoids any hand slip, molded trays with cup holders and adjustable safety harnesses. It is also durable with its nylon, plastic, fiber and aluminum material components. It is also easy to clean and comes with the dual trigger mechanism. Plus, it has the carseat adaptor and a built-in MP3 speaker.

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