Graco Travel System: The Complete Travel Buddy for Your Baby

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If you’re a first time parent, you may be into a big challenge looking for the best baby stroller for your little angel. There are several brands, models and types to select from online, making it a bit harder to decide. To be enlightened on the matter, stay tuned and learn how to find the perfect travel system for your baby.

There are people that don’t know if they would get a stroller or a car seat system for their baby and are unaware that there are travel systems that pack both. These travel systems come with a sturdy base that can stay in the car. Your first concern is safety, as some of the fatal accidents could happen and involve a baby that is why European and U.S. standards implement high standards to avoid such safety concerns.

How to Choose a Safe Travel System for the First Time
1.    You should check on how the stroller folds up. There are models that can be folded down so that their wheels can stay on the ground, and then you should bend over to pick up the stroller before putting it into your car’s trunk, but you should see if it does fold up. Then, there are types, which have wheels that can be folded together while it stays on the ground.

It’s up to you how to fold it, but it does not require you bending over just to pick it up, making it easier to put into your car trunk. These types allow you use only one of your hands when their folded down, letting you take care of your baby using your other hand. It works when you have unloaded your baby in a parking lot.

2.    You should see how the locks and the snaps work. The snaps allow for quick and easy folding and unfolding while the lock can snap the carseat out of the travel system. These two important features will keep your baby safe. You should opt for a travel system that can lock well into the stroller’s base. You should also see to it if the travel system comes with a durable folding lock. In addition, you should check on the harness that could secure your kid into place. There are types that have a convertible three and five point harness settings that you can find. You can find type that come with a fast folding up option, which allows parents to fold the travel system in only a few seconds and use only one of your hands to do so.

3.    You must also inspect if the carseat fits tightly into the stroller. There are models that can click into the stroller using one simple step and come with an audio feature, letting you know if the travel system’s properly secured in place. On the other hand, there are carseat that can snap into the baby stroller in both the front and the back of the seat. However, you should still see to it that it the system have locks that can snap or unsnap well as well as how tough they look. If you are to shop offline, be sure to give a shake to the stroller and see how much it does.

4.    You should see how much baby weight the travel system could accommodate. One is the Graco travel system that can support babies weighing four to 35 lbs. and can hold a kid weighing up to 50 lbs.

5.    You can check on the item’s weight. Many stroller systems on the market are very heavy but there are also lightweight ones. As a tip, check on how the stroller unlocks and fold to see how much of the lifting you should do. Online, there are models you can fold and flop into the car trunk with one hand and that you may not need to lift them.

You can find models that only weigh 30 lbs. so you can carry and transport it around with ease and convenience, making it ideal for a busy lifestyle. If you are always on the go with baby, this may be the perfect option for you.

6.    You should also consider the handle. Even if an ergonomic handle does not have something to do in making the system lighter, it makes the travel system easier to carry or to transport especially to parents with back problems or arthritis.

Other Features to Consider
In addition to the above considerations to look for when buying a travel system, here are some more you can look into.
•    See if allows a comfortable ride, allowing you to use it on any terrains by only locking it in its front wheel for security and more stability while walking or jogging the baby.  It will allow you to take your baby to strolls with great maneuverability.
•    Check for accessory storage features. There are travel systems that come with a cool design that allows you to bring along your Smartphone and other baby essentials. They also come with cup holders and storage trays.
•    Consider shade features. You should see if it has large canopy that can protect your baby from the sun’s harmful rays.
•    For safety, see if the stroller system comes with reflectors. You will need these especially when you are strolling baby in not well-lit places.

Do You Want to Get a Complete Travel System for Your Baby?
Introducing the Graco Fast Action Jogger Travel System—an innovative, stylish approach to baby convenience and safety. It is lightweight at 30 lbs as well as it is sturdy and safe to use. It comes with maneuverability function with its lockable front swivel wheel, providing a smooth ride for jogs and walks indoors or outdoors. It works on all types of terrains, too. It allows you to keep your active lifestyle while securing baby in place while enjoying his ride. It has storage features that allow you to bring some small treats and toys for baby. It comes with a cup holder, bright chili red color, and features the one second, one fold function.

This model also works with any infant car seat that has the ‘Click Connect’ function. It also has a sturdy frame for a safe and smooth ride. It also comes with the adjustable three and five point harness feature that secures your baby in place. It can hold a baby of up to 50 lbs and can protect baby from four to 35 lbs. If you want to get the most from your first baby travel system, you can opt for the Graco Fast Action Jogger Travel System that comes with full compact features at a very affordable price. Check out and study your options before buying the Graco travel system from a reputable online seller.

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